Ember Tetra Care Guide: Tank Mates, Breeding, Food & More!

Sometimes, we just don’t have the luxury of having a huge aquatic display in our homes. In fact, nowadays many of us need a showstopper that’s low-maintenance, hassle-free, and straightforward. It’s all about practicality, and if that comes in a tiny, beautiful orange package, then all the better. Fortunately, there is a bite-sized fish that … Read more

Clown Pleco 101: Care, Size, Tank Size, Diet & More!

When you’ve only just entered the wide, wonderful world of aquarium keeping, you’ve probably come across the Clown pleco. It’s a popular aquarium fish known for being gentle, wood-eating, and adorably shy. You’re probably dying of curiosity, so here’s more info on the bottom-dweller that creeps its way right to your heart. The table below … Read more

Silver Dollar Fish Care Guide: Size, Lifespan, Tank Size…

Have you ever thought of fish that look like your hard-earned money? If a large, shiny coin swimming around sounds right up your alley, then the Silver Dollar is for you. This popular aquarium fish is peaceful, hardy, and can get along with numerous other species. Not to mention being really easy on the eyes. … Read more

Glass Catfish 101: Tank Size, Diet, Breeding, Care & More!

When it comes to unique, slightly weird-looking freshwater fish, the Glass catfish easily comes to mind. This ghost-like apparition swimming around in your tank will undoubtedly catch everyone’s attention; you included. So if that sounds right up your alley, then there is no clearer answer-the Glass catfish might just be your next aquatic pet.  The … Read more

Paradise Fish 101: Size, Tank Size, Temperature, Care & More

You all want something eye-catching in our home aquarium. They have to be gorgeous, interesting, and at the same time easy to care for. We want it all, and why not? Thankfully, Paradise fishes are all of the above and more. They’re intelligent, and bursting with personality (just don’t get them mad). Trust us-these Gouramis … Read more

Bichir 101: Tank Size, Tank Mates, Care, Diet & More!

Now here’s a fish you’ve probably never heard of before. Clue: it has a distinctly one-of-a-kind, jurassic-esque look.  While this unique fish may not be a conventional beauty, it’s guaranteed to take your breath away. Meet the Bichir: prehistoric, unique, and comes with a pair of lungs!  This guide will take you step-by-step and tell … Read more

Iridescent Shark 101: Size, Lifespan, Growth, Care & More!

What if you could have your very own shark at home? Interested? Then the Iridescent Shark might just  be for you. While technically a catfish, this freshwater fish has all the appearance of a beautifully intimidating shark, with the temperament of a little Guppy. Now if that isn’t the perfect combination, I don’t know what … Read more

Sparkling Gourami Care Guide: Size, Tank Mates, Breeding

Lack space but want a showstopper? Meet the Sparkling Gourami: beautiful, talented, and low-maintenance. Space is not an issue for these tiny Gouramis, and they can even forgive a couple of beginner mistakes.  So if you’re on the market for a splendid fish in a tiny package, look no further and read on! The table … Read more

Honey Gourami 101: Size, Tank Mates, Breeding, Care & More

Bright, bold, and beautiful. Honey Gouramis may be small, but they are definitely a sight to behold in any aquarium. These little fish are cute, shy, and surprisingly long-lived. Couple those with being easy to care for, and you’ve got yourself the newest addition to your aquatic family! The table below gives a quick overview … Read more

Rosy Red Minnows 101: Size, Breeding, Lifespan, Care & More

You’ve probably gone to a pet store and looked right past Rosy Red Minnows. Natural, because these tiny fish are not exactly the belle of any tank.  Try to go back and give these little guys a chance. Rosy Reds are active, low maintenance, and absolutely love company. While they may not be the fanciest, … Read more