About us

Welcome to AquaticFocus! My name is Anne Sharp and I’ve been an aquarium owner since I was in my early teens. My fascination with fish and marine life started when my parents bought me and my brother our first fish tank. For over 30 years I’ve been looking after aquatic life such as fish, plants and more.

AquaticFocus started as a personal blog but has gone on to evolve into a small publication within its own right. I write weekly about different types of fish, how to take care of them and which tank setups are most suitable. From time to time, I may also discuss different products which I use within the ecosystem.

I aim to keep AF as unbiased as I can, I believe that I have an objective view when it comes to aquatic life management (although, like everyone else, I do have some favorite fish!).

If you want to reach out to me directly, mention my name in the subject line on our contact us page and our team will put you through.